“Peter Kurucz (1986) is a hungarian-born neurosurgeon and neuroscientist. As a medical doctor, after finishing his studies in 2012 at the Semmelweis University, he started his neurosurgical residency training program in Stuttgart, Germany. He started his neuroscience research projects already during his secondary school years as the youngest neuroscientist in Hungary. During this period he used extensively the methods of scientific photography, photometry and microscopic CCD techniques.


His first experience with photography of the night sky is dating back to 2014, during a visit at the Yosemite National Park in California. After that he started visual observations with an 8” f/5 newtonian telescope which was followed by, according to the hungarian astrophotography tradition, deep-sky photography with DSLR cameras. 


His actual interest is deep-sky photography with modern, cooled CMOS cameras and his home made 8” f/4 imaging newtonian telescope system. 


His photos are published on numerous online social media, books, journals as well as on his own homepage. 

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