The "Vincent" Astrograph


a homemade f/4 newtonian telescope 

After more than 1 year astrophotography with my f/4 Altair Astro newtonian telescope -a GSO based equipment- I decided to perform some hardware upgrades. The final instrument is a very stable imaging telescope.

The following modifications were made:

-Carbon Tube update made by Klaus Helmerich in Germany

-Black velour flocking of the entire tube

-Lacerta secondary mirror (d=70 mm)

-TS-Optics plastic secondary mirror holder

-Farpoint primary mirror cell adjusting knobs with stronger springs

-Primary mirror cell cover with black velour flocking

-TS-Optics carbon double spider

-Lacerta Octo60 focuser

-Lacerta MFOC Motorfocus System

-individually modified GSO base for the Octo60 focuser by Balazs Kiss (Thanks for it!)

-TS-GPU Coma Corrector for f/4 telescopes designed by Gyulai Pal in Hungary

Made and designed by ATELIER KURUCZ in 2018