The "Vincent" Astrograph


a homemade f/4 newtonian telescope 

After more than 1 year astrophotography with my f/4 Altair Astro newtonian telescope -a GSO based equipment- I decided to perform some hardware upgrades. The final instrument is a very stable imaging telescope.

The following modifications were made:

-Carbon Tube update made by Klaus Helmerich in Germany

-Black velour flocking of the entire tube

-Lacerta secondary mirror (d=70 mm)

-TS-Optics plastic secondary mirror holder

-Farpoint primary mirror cell adjusting knobs with stronger springs

-Primary mirror cell cover with black velour flocking

-TS-Optics carbon double spider

-Lacerta Octo60 focuser

-Lacerta MFOC Motorfocus System

-individually modified GSO base for the Octo60 focuser by Balazs Kiss (Thanks for it!)

-TS-GPU Coma Corrector for f/4 telescopes designed by Gyulai Pal in Hungary

Lacerta Octo60 Focuser

setup in the garden

Focuser & OAG




TS Carbon Double Spider

Main Mirror Cell Update

Farpoint Knob for GSO main mirror cells

Main Mirror Cell Cover

Carbon Tube (before)

Carbon Tube (after)

Lacerta 70 mm Secondary Mirror

Vincent - Stargazing :)

Made and designed by ATELIER KURUCZ in 2018