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Andromeda Galaxy in BBC Sky at Night Magazine

My latest image about the Andromeda Galaxy was published in the July issue of BBC Sky at Night magazine - the most popular astronomy journal in the UK. 

Iris Nebula published in "Sterne und Weltraum"

My latest image about the Iris Nebula was published in the printed version of "Sterne und Weltraum" - 07/19

Book appearance: "Warum wir fotografieren" by Jürgen Gulbins

Jürgen Gulbins presents in his latest book seven photographers and shows their very different ways to photography. I was chosen by Jürgen as one of the photographers. My astrophotography, medical photography/illustrations and family as well as portrait photography is presented in this book.

Iris Nebula - "Image of the week" on

My latest image about the Iris Nebula was awarded as Image of the week by

Pinwheel-galaxy as "astrophoto of the week" at

My latest image about the beautiful spiral galaxy "M101" was awarded as "astrophoto of the week" by the biggest german astronomy portal ( 

Heaven and Hell - The Cygnus Wall is on the Cover of "World Neurosurgery"!

My first monochrome narrowband starless image of the Cygnus Wall appeared as cover art of the international journal "World Neurosurgery" in April 2019. Thanks for it!

Honorable Mentions at the international "Monochrome Photography Awards 2018"!

Two of my Astroimages were chosen as "Honorable Mention" in the "Nature" and "Abstract" categories at the famous international photography competition "Monochrome Photography Awards 2018".  Thanks for it!

1. Heaven and Hell - The Great Wall in Cygnus

2. Deep in the Heart

Again..again. and again... The Galactic Core was awarded as Image of the Week by PhotographingSpace

The triumph of my wide field image about the galactic core is never-ending... The photo was awarded in January 2018 by the editors of the famous Photographing Space website as Image of the Week. Thanks for it! 

Black and White Milky Way Core as "Honorable Mention" at the "Monochrome Photography Awards 2017"

The black and white version of my most popular image until now was awarded as "Honorable Mention" at the Monochrome Photography Awards 2017 and published also in the printed book. 

Galactic Core again... as AAPOD2!

Again a very prestigious publication of this beautiful wide field photo about the core of our Milky Way Galaxy made in Lulla, Hungary, 2017. This time as "Amateur Astrophotgraphy of the Day" Thanks for it!

The Galactic Center - Astrolandscape published in "Spektrum - Sterne und Weltraum" Journal

My image about the center of our Milky Way photographed last year in Lulla, Hungary was published in the famous Astronomy Journal "Sterne und Weltraum". 

Astrophoto of the Week - Astrofoto der Woche (AdW) - again

The M81 Group image was chosen by as Astrophoto of the Week!  See here:

Astrophoto of the Week - Astrofoto der Woche (AdW)

I am very glad to inform you that my wide-field photo about the summer milky way made in Lulla, Hungary was awarded as "Astrophoto of the Week" by the german Society of Amateur-Astronomy (Vereinigung der Sternfreunde - VdE) and

World Neurosurgery

My photo about the Horse-head nebula was published on the cover of the journal "World Neurosurgery" in July 2017 Photo of the day

The cover photo of the Faust Project has been awarded as "Photo of the day" by GEO. It can be seen among the best reader photos April 2017.

Book appearance!

Some of my astrophotos and nightscapes has been published in this beautiful book by Jürgen & Rainer Gulbins. 

Amateur Astrophotography -between science and art - my first article in the journal "fotoespresso" - in German

In this article you can read about different techniques of astrophotography. It is a good summary if you want to know a little bit more how these wonderful photos are taken.

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