An unexpected journey to the Moon

Yesterday we spent a really good dinner with our friends in one of our favorite Italian restaurant. The weather was extremely cloudy and the moon at 81% phase made deep-sky photography impossible. Despite of my holiday for this reason I did not plan anything with my telescope. After tasting every kind of Italian distilled beverage such as Limoncello, Ramazzotti and Grappa, on the way back home I looked once at the sky and realized: no clouds and the moon on the southern sky is simply wonderful. After setting up my telescope on the balcony of our house I mounted my camera directly on the focuser and shot the moon. The photo was not a perfect one but for me it means a lot: the first-year anniversary of my astrophotographic career which began with a moon photo (see in the Gallery).

For the first time I could test also my eyepiece projection adapter with the camera. I choose the 6mm SW Gold Line eyepiece which gives together with my 1000mm Newtonian telescope about 167x magnification. Finding the right focus was unexpectedly easy. Unfortunately the seeing was terrible: strong wind and a lot of turbulence disturbed the clear view on such a magnification but I did not give up and captured a 3 minutes flight video over the moon along the lunar terminator and also over the brighter regions. I edited the video in Adobe PremierPro using a little contrast and color balance. After uploading it to YouTube I experienced some quality problems with the resolution but this was the only way to integrate the video on this site...

Enjoy the flight!


Skywatcher 200/1000

motorized EQ5 mount


Exposure time: single image, 1/200, ISO 200

Camera: Canon 700D

Postprocessing in Photoshop.


Canon 700D in Video mode (1080i, 25fps), postprocessing in PremierPro.

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