Milky Way from the Balcony

Slowly it is again new moon and time to deep sky photography. On Thursday I was on call and therefore on Friday night was not able physically to transport my gear somewhere else. The weather was also a little bit cloudy and windy. So I decided if I can´t go to the stars they have to come to me...

Because of our balcony looks to the souther sky I can´t see the Polaris to set the equatorial mount correctly, so no chance for long exposures with the telescope. My plan was to capture a milky way time-lapse from the balcony with a 50 mm lens without star tracking. Unfortunately there is a new street lamp at the other side of the street which caused some difficulties. For some months ago I bought a light pollution clip filter which I did not really use because it cuts a big amount of light during capturing galaxies and also issued difficulties to find the correct white-balance with my unmodded camera.

The camera was centered to the galactic core of the milky way. The Lagoon and Trifid Nebula are well visible on the pictures.


Canon 700D on a tripod

Canon EF 50 mm lens, f1,8 ISO 6400, Exposure time: 6 sec.

Astronomik CLS EOS-Clip light pollution Filter

This time-lapse is a composite of 388 single images

Made and designed by ATELIER KURUCZ in 2018