Perseids and Deep Sky Objects in Maulbronn Monastery

During the new moon in August this year the weather made telescopic deep-sky photography almost impossible. Middle of August is well-known for an astronomical highlight event: the Perseid meteor shower which was extremely strong this year thanks to the positive gravitational effect of the Jupiter. My plan was to shoot some astro-landscapes and capture also some shooting stars.

As a location I chose the Maulbronn Monastery which is located only 10 km from our house and it is our favorite place to visit with my wife if we want to take a walk in a nice, highly spiritual atmosphere or to have a good dinner in a first-class restaurant of our friends called "Klosterkatz" located in the courtyard of the Monastery.

The Maulbronn Monastery was founded in 1147 and it is the best preserved medieval monastery in Europe. In the 16th century the Reformation broke out and a protestant seminar was built here and the cistercian monks had to leave the place. The most famous student during this period was Johannes Kepler.

The modern lights around the old buildings made night sky photography very challenging. Another difficulty was that during this period (12th of August) there was a rock concert in the courtyard of the monastery with a lot of disturbing stage lights which can be also seen reflecting on the church tower in the time-lapse video.

The planned photography could be started therefore only at 1 am. I was really impressed by this special atmosphere during the shooting and watching the beautiful meteor shower. It was very uplifting to know that I had exactly the same view of the Monastery and the sky above it which inspired more than 400 years ago the young Kepler to continue his studies and later invent his laws of planetary motions.

Among others I could shot some Perseid meteors, deep-sky objects, the milky way and also a beautiful Iridium satellite flare.

You can find the images in the Astro-landscape gallery in bigger size.

Made and designed by ATELIER KURUCZ in 2018