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Astrophoto of the Week by the german Society of Amateur-Astronomy

August 21, 2017


I am very glad to inform you that my wide-field photo about the summer milky way made in Lulla, Hungary was awarded as "Astrophoto of the Week" by the german Society of Amateur-Astronomy (Vereinigung der Sternfreunde - VdE) and 


VdE is the biggest nationwide club of Amateur-Astronomers in the german speaking countries. is the biggest online german-speaking Amateur-Astronomy site. 


Astrophoto of the Week - "Astrofoto der Woche" - AdW


Since 2004 AdW appears regularly every week on Monday evening. The Jury selects high-quality images and publish it with detailed technical and astronomical descriptions. 


Here you can see the photo and read the original description (in german only).

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