THe Fish-head Nebula

H-alpha Narrowband Imaging Project - from the living room

Family friendly Astrophotography: I think for most of the amateur astronomers this is a real paradox. As I wrote earlier, with our new house, I had the opportunity to build my own little home observatory: a small box installed on the top of our garage equipped with a manual roll-off-roof, housing my Astronomical Imaging System which consists of a custom made 8" newtonian telescope, cameras, computers etc.

The "Cube" is monitored by an online Security System with two internal and external day-and-night cameras, weather sensors including also a wind sensor. The entire observatory can be fully controlled via mobile Applications and in case of emergency, the alarm system sends push-up notifications to my iPhone. 

A typical imaging session begins with the manual removal of the roof and the collimation process. The rest of the imaging procedure including calibration, targeting, autoguiding and monitoring is performed via WiFi Network from the living room. The image acquisition is controlled by an automated sequencer software. At the end of the session I only have to pull out the USB-Stick with the raw data and put the roof back. This is a very comfortable way of imaging, of course with some limitations as well.

The Fish-Head Nebula, a star forming region in the constellation Cassiopeia, located about 6,000 light-years away from the Earth

Acquisition data:

H-alpha narrowband image

Image Integration: about 100 minutes

Wurmberg, Germany

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